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Sup I'm Mike, a.k.a. Monk, and welcome to the site.  Here you'll find some stuff I'm into and links to others I can't fit here. Don't forget to check out the Pics and the Tome of Infinite Wisdom.  Still bored?  Well at least sign the guestbook and lemme know what I can do better- Peace!!!!!

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NOTE:  I  completely wiped the old site clean and restarting from scratch- will take a few days to redo everything.

Today In Monk History:

The 24 day countdown is in effect to re-obtaining mah drivers license.

The event was a ludicral, yet unfortunate detour in the past 3 months of my life- and am plotting every move for the next 2.to come...

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Did JOO Know?

.The first parachute jump was made from a hot air balloon by Andre-Jacques Garnerinthe in France in 1793. Leonardo da Vinci made detailed sketches of parachutes in 1485. He also sketched studies for a helicopter, a tank and retractable landing gear. The first helicopter that could carry a person was flown by Paul Cornu in 1907. Tanks were first used during World War One in Cambrai, France in 1917. The first airplane with retractable landing gear was built in 1933. Da Vinci also suggested underwater breathing methods. Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnon introduced scuba diving only in 1943, 458 years later.


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